Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I wanted to do a quick post about what I am doing with my notebooks. As some of you may know, I carry a pocket notebook with me just about everywhere I go for notes. I've tried Moleskine Volants and Cashiers, Mead pocket notebooks, Field Notes and Clairfontaine staplebound notebooks. I have found the Clairefontaine to hold up best in a back pocket. Like many of you, I am constantly searching for a perfect setup so I try out many items. I've gone through several Field Notes and Clairefontaine notebooks and I needed to consolidate many of my notes. Recently, I've been carrying a Rhodia Reverse Book in my pack and decided it would be a good place to move my "pocket notes" to. I've loaded my Lamy Safari with J. Herbin Lie de The and I have been carrying it everyday, so I used it for the consolidation. Life is wild at the moment so I snapped one quick picture and wanted to share. I hope that everyone has a wonderful week! Thanks for dropping in! Nr

From Safari

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Sarah said...

As soon as you find a notebook that survives pocket life PLEASE post it!