Tuesday, May 3, 2011

YOTFP - Back to School 2

Last week I posted about a couple of Sheaffer cartridge pens that I have and I mentioned that I was going to do another post about a different body style. I know that you have all been patiently waiting so here it is.

From School Pens 2

The two red ones I picked up at the antique store and the blue was my Great Uncle's. This blue pen is the first fountain pen that I ever had. Unfortunately, I broke it.

From School Pens 2

The barrel had been cracked from over-tightening and Seth fixed it for me, but somehow I broke it again. How shameful. The nibs on these pens are simply labeled M and F, and one reads Sheaffer's while the other two read Sheaffer.

From School Pens 2

From School Pens 2

As I said before, this are great fountain pens for first-time users as well as good everyday pens. They are great writers but are not expensive and they should be readily available. My next post is going to be a little different so be sure to check back soon. Thanks for stopping by! Nr


urban wear said...

Red pen is very best looks very rich. I like this fountain pen so much. The unique thing is its cap ring, it is totally different from the other pens.

flaş bellek said...

Same blue pen is the first fountain of my collage day. The nibs on these pens are simply labeled M and F.

Kurazaybo said...

I would love to still have my first fountain pen. I am a big fan of antique Sheaffer pens and, even though these are some of the most basic pens the brand ever made, I think they are trusty and better than many other cheap pens. My only complaint is the cap which does not stay firmly attached to the pen when closed.

Nrepose said...

These are great pens because they are simple and good writers. They seem to readily available also so if you lose one it's not a big deal. Thanks for the comment! Nr