Friday, May 6, 2011

The Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener

I was very fortunate a while back to receive something a little different to review here at Unposted. The kind folks over at Classroom Friendly Supplies sent over a pencil sharpener for me to review. I thought I'd begin with a 360 degree photo shoot.

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

I have to say that this a one solid product. I bet that it could be dropped more than a few times and still continue to work. You maybe asking yourself, "How does this thing work?" Well, I'll do my best to explain. First, you have to pull out the silver piece on the front.

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

Next you insert the pencil and begin to crank. You want to crank until you feel that the pencil is not being sharpened anymore. The piece that pulls out will not be back to its original position , but it will be close. (excuse my picture, I pushed the piece in)

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

Now press the black release button and pull your pencil out. This thing sharpens to an extremely sharp point. As you can see, all of the shavings are caught in the plastic box for easy removal.

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

Here are some extra pictures. The second one is a close-up of the mechanism that holds the pencil in place.

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

From CRF Pencil Sharpener

Overall, I like The Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener and I think that it is about as easy to use as an automatic pencil sharpener. This is a small business that needs your support so check out their website . These are $19.95 with free shipping and they come in blue and green. I do love the retro look that they have. Also, if you would like to see a video of one in use it is on the website. Thanks again for stopping by! Nr


Adair said...

These are the best sharpeners I have ever tried, along with the Carl Decade sharpeners from Japan. But these are less expensive than the Carl Decades. Order one! You won't be disappointed. The pencil points come out nice and clean and sharp.

Nrepose said...

Thanks for the comment Adair. This is a very nice pencil sharpener that is worth the cost. Nr

notebooktivity said...

I still one of those by Faber Castell which my Dad used to have in his office. He brought it home and I treasure it very much.
It still works although the knifes could be sharpened. But I will not replace it against a new one. These are still the best!

poker chip sets said...

I have same pencil sharpener. I am using it in school also. It is in black colour. Pencil is very easy to sharp.

Nrepose said...

notebooktivity - That sounds very much like a treasure! I would hold onto it myself.

poker chip sets - These do work very nice!

Thanks for the coments! Nr

Safety vests said...

This is very old and popular sharpener on old time. I used this type of sharpener in school days.

sell car said...

I have same this type of sharpener. It is very funny to use when it jammed.

Nosferatuia said...

I like the look of this sharpener. I am always looking for one that can withstand the spoils of middle school students!

Anonymous said...

This one (I believe it is made in China) looks like the original Carl Angel-5 pencil sharpener. My parents bought one for my sister and I 45 years ago (by Carl / made in Japan). It is still in reasonable working condition after serving us ~40 years. Today, you still can buy it (labeled as Carl Angel-5) in Taiwan and China for $10 (USD). If this CRF version works as fine as the original Carl, I think it is worth to get one instead of buying some junk pencil sharpeners from the discount stores with similar price for you and your kids.

Nrepose said...

I have enjoyed using this sharpener and I think it would withstand the dangers of a middle school classroom. Great to hear from you again! Nr

I think that this sharpener is well worth the money. Nr

buy mobile phones said...

i used to took one same with me when i was in school, that is so much fun to use it

Ina said...