Thursday, April 28, 2011

YOTFP - Back to School

The first fountain pens that I ever had were a pair of Sheaffer School pens, or cartridge pens. They belonged to my Great Uncle and one was black and the other was blue. They weren't rare finds, but I always loved them because they were easy to use and good writers. Unfortunately, one was lost years ago and the other is broken. The good news is that I was able to find several similar pens at an antique store and that my pal Seth from Goodpens sent me a demonstrator version.

From School Pens

These two pens are the same except for the barrel color and nib. The clear one is what Seth sent me and the other one I found at the antique store. This style is different from the ones that I originally had and I believe that these are the older versions.

From School Pens

The clear one has a 304 nib, fine, and the green one has a 305 nib, medium. The medium nib seems to have been damaged because it is bent downwards like a bird's beak, but it still writes well. The fine nib writes great and has no issues.

From School Pens

As far as I know cartridge pens will only accept cartridges, but I just wash them out and use a syringe to refill them.

From School Pens

If you are into fountain pens and don't have any Sheaffer cartridge pens I suggest that you grab some. They are cheap, light-weight, and easy to maintain but they write amazingly. I'll post the other models that I have in a few days. Until then...Nr


urban wear said...

I was also used ink pens in my school life. I got it from an online pen market. It is very easy to write.

flaş bellek said...

These two pens are the same except for the barrel color and nib. The style is different from the second one.